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What activities could you use within current lessons to prurposely address perseverance?

The term “Perseverance” is a mainstay of our District Strategic Plan as well as one of the eight mathematical practices of the Common Core State Standards.  As we find ourselves in a realm of “going deeper” in  depth of knowledge, teaching students to persevere and work through challenging problems becomes more and more important.  Please share examples of strategies you have used or could use to address “perseverance.


Van Andel Education Institute


SLPS District Strategic Plan

SLPS District Strategic Plan


As you listen to the Strategic Plan Video and view the components of the Spring Lake Schools District Strategic Plan, what themes stand out to you? Please explain!


Please list any examples of activities you have used, or could use, to integrate concepts of the 4 “C”s in your classroom.


Please list any ideas you have for integrating the themes of our mission, vision, core values, or Strategic Plan in your classroom. How could this/these ideas integrate with your department or grade level team?

Question -4- Above & Beyond

Created via collaboration by Partnership for 21st Century Skills and FableVision, Above & Beyond is a story about what is possible when communication, collaboration, critical thinking and creativity transform learning opportunities for all kids.

As you watch this brief clip, how does the message in the animation link with our district theme of 4 “C” s, or with our District Goals?